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Collegio Gallio, looking towards the future, is actively engaged in the digital transformation of education to prepare students for an increasingly technological world.
Our collaboration with the CNR-TD (national centre for educational research and technologies) is a key element in training our teachers and equipping them with the advanced skills necessary to guide students along a stimulating digital learning path.

An integral part of our approach is the use of “management games”:
interactive tools that allow students to apply theoretical concepts in practical scenarios developing decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Scuola digitale

This translates into engaging and hands-on learning.

Scuola digitale

The training of our teachers is further enriched thanks to our collaboration with apple education trainers, experts who bring innovation to our educational path. We introduce the most modern pedagogical and educational theories into the digital sphere, ensuring that technology is a facilitator of learning and respects the individual needs of students.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where digital learning blends harmoniously with the fundamental principles of education, shaping the future of our students with knowledge, skills and a global perspective.
The use of digital technologies and the multiple roles that students play in the creation of digital content enhance the different personalities and learning styles present in the classroom.

Scuola digitale

This differentiated approach encourages the active participation of students, obtaining better results and combatting school dropout rates.

Scuola digitale

Our vision of the digital school at Collegio Gallio embraces interdiscipliniarity, respects the individuality of students and fully exploits the potential of digital languages. it is a path that challenges traditional limits, shaping a future in which knowledge is built collaboratively and innovatively.

Welcome to the future of digital learning at the Pontifical Collegio Gallio.

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