Play and Plays – Giocare e recitare

Play and Plays – Giocare e recitare

Suonare, recitare, giocare: non è per povertà lessicale che l’inglese utilizza una sola parola per tre contesti che sembrano apparentemente diversi, ma in realtà fanno parte dello stesso mondo, quello della fantasia e creatività. Ed è il legame tra teatro e gioco che sarà esplorato in un interessante workshop il prossimo 3 Maggio dagli alunni della Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado, sotto la guida di esperti attori e didatti dell’American Drama Group – Europe. Un progetto stimolante, interamente in inglese, di cui di seguito presentiamo in sintesi le caratteristiche principali

TNT theatre workshop

The aim of the workshop is to allow participants to understand and experience the link between ‘play” and “plays”. This way they can understand what performance is in group activities that do not ask them to be ‘stars’ or make shy individuals feel embarrassed by performing in front of others.

Most European languages show us that play and theatre have the same root – for example in Shakespeare’s time the word theatre was not known, Shakespeare used the word ‘playhouse” for theatre and “players” not actors.  In German Shauspielhaus (or theatre), means show play house.

So the TNT workshop asks the participants to play games, then changes the rules to make the games gradually become more like performances. The TNT leader works on the games exactly like a theatre director, fine tuning and improving the way the participants play. With a large group, half the group watches while the other plays the games/do the exercises; then the groups switchover – this way they can also experience the games as theatre and see how the games improve when they are directed and performed well.
The participants also learn that theatre is more than imitating someone else, character is not everything! Acting is also about cooperation, focus and verbal and physical precision. When these qualities are there, a game can become a performance: something the audience enjoy watching.

Director Paul Stebbings has led workshop on these themes across the world from Japan to Costa Rica and Greece to Britain, with all types of participants ranging from National theatre actors to school children.