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Collegio Gallio plays particular attention to the acquisition of language skills and in particular, english, as in today’s globalised world, language skills are essential for international communication and access to worldwide work and study opportunities.
Through learning english from native speakers, our students are better prepared for global challenges and opportunities.
Study s present in every cycle and, at the end of the final course of study, you are ready to take the c2 (proficiency) level certification exams.

from childhood

In our commitment to complete education, at Collegio Gallio we teach the english language with native speakers, starting at preschool.
In fact, we believe that learning foreign languages sould start from childhood, an age that allows rapid language acquisition and the establishment of a solid foundation for the future.

We are convinced that the learning experience with native speaking teachers is fundamental to achieving high level linguistic competence.
Our native speaking teachers, with Cambridge english qualifications, bring authenticity and pasion to language learning, preparing our students for success.

Native speakers

Cultural exchanges and
international connections

Plurilingualism is much more than a series of lessons; it’s an experience. at Collegio Gallio, we collaborate with other schools around the world to offer our students the opportunity to improve their language skills while having fun and learning interactively. Cultural exchanges are a window onto the world and an extraordinary source of learning.

Collegio Gallio is proudly recognized as an accredited Cambridge exam centre, an important milestone in our mission to provide a high-quality education.
Thanks to this accreditation, our students have the opportunity to take the Cambridge english exams, a prestigious international recognition for english language skills.
These exams evaluate reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, providing an accurate measurement of acquired language skills.
Besides being an accredited Cambridge exam centre reprsents a commitment to quality and excellence.

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