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At Collegio Gallio, our dedication to the comprehensive education of young people is channelled through the much-valued presence of our in-house pedagogist, Dr Francesco Verduzzo. He is an invaluableresource that is committed to supporting children and young people in every aspect of their scholastic, educational and personal journeys.

In close collaboration with teachers, the pedagogist works to ensure the well-being of students. To ensure the creation of quality work, he attributes great importance to the realtionship between school and family, always placing the student at the centre whilst respecting his or her needs and requirements.

in class

The presence of the pedagogist in the classroom allows the needs and requirements of each individual to be identified and, together with the teacher, to provide personalised academic support. the goal is to create an inclusive school environment where all students feel accepted and supported.

The pedagogist deals carefully with special educational needs, coordinating projects and facilitating collaboration between the individuals and parties involved in the growth of the students. Scheduled, regular meetings with specialists and teachers to ensure educational continuity, thus promoting the well-being of students and improving their situation.

Special educational

with families

The pedagogist maintains constant rapport and collaboration with families in order to address their children’s educational challenges. He welcomes their doubts and questions, thus beginning the process of creating a safe communication network between school and family. This constant communication and collaboration aims to create the most peaceful environment possible for the child.

The pedagogist, working in close contact with the students, demonstrates particular attention to the complex educational dynamics. This attention inevitable requires accurate evaluation and constant cooperation with all of the interested parties involved in the child’s life, in order to guarantee a complete and personalised approach to the educational process.


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