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Sport as an educational pillar: we firmly believe that sports goes far beyond exercise. We consider it a fundamental training pillar, capable of shaping not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. Our students are encouraged to actively participate in a wide range of sports, ranging from football to basketball, volleyball to judo.
This diversity not only promotes physical health, but also develops leadership, discipline and a sense of belonging.


At Collegio Gallio, we believe that sport should be accessible to all.
We support diversity and inclusiveness through athletic programs that welcome and value every student, regardless of ability level.
We work to create an environment where everyone can feel part of a team, learn lessons in collaboration, and build lasting friendships.

The benefits of sport extend beyond the playing field and integrate seamlessly into our educational approach. Collegio Gallio students learn to manage their time efficiently, develop quick decision-making skills and acquire a deep sense of responsibility. Sports experience enriches formal education, creating complete individuals ready to face life’s challenges with determination and a sporting spirit.

Education and sport

Sporting spirit

Our college works to inspire and support enthusiasm for sport. Equipped with extensive sporting facilities, it offers students a stimulating environment to pursue their sporting passions. Internal and external competitions, tournaments and special events transform the college into a place of vibrant sporting activity, helping to build a sense of community and shared pride.

At Collegio Gallio our mission goes beyond the goal of promoting academic excellence. We aim to train a new generation of leaders who not only excel in their academic pursuits, but who are also resourceful, resilient and capable of facing life’s challenges with determination. Sport is the key to developing these qualities, integrating a competitive mentality with respect for others and loyalty.

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