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The Pontificio Collegio Gallio, the beating heart of education in the historic centre of Como, is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and opportunities. Here, learning takes on an extraordinary dimension, offering an educational environment that welcomes students of all ages from nursery to high school.
Innovation is the key to everything, creating an engaging and stimulating context that shimnes with its own light.

What makes Collegio Gallio so special?

digital teaching

We are pioneers in the integration of the latest educational technologies, collaborating with the CNR – ITD institute of educational technologies and apple education. Our digital teaching prepares students to use open data and online resources, bridging the gap between learning and current affairs.

We embrace cultural diversity and promote bilingualism as an indispensable tool in preparing students for an increasingly interconnected global future. Our international projects and the close connection with global trends constitute fundamental pillars that enrich the learning path.



At collegio gallio, we understand the challenges of working parents. With our extended hours from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm, we provide flexibility to suit your busy days, ensuring a welcoming and safe environment for your children. Sports, educational and cultural activities are what we offer to those who stay late at the college.

The solid christian roots of the college are the foundation on which we rest our mission. with courageous enthusiasm, we are committed to giving each student a comprehensive education: in addition to providing high-level academic knowledge, we also focus on the moral aspect. We want every student to grow up with the determination and readiness to face life’s challenges with integrity and strength.

rooted values


We recognize that each student is a unique individual. Our personalized approach adapts content, methodologies an assessments to accommodate and meet the specific needs of each student, creating an inclusive and stimulating environment that fosters everyone’s growth and success.

Our school offers a stimulating environment thanks to its large internal and external spaces. From well-kept gardens to modern gyms and sports fields, we provide a broad and varied environment in which study blends harmoniously with the outdoors, creating an atmosphere conducive to student growth and development.

Large spaces and
exceptional environments

Embark on your educational journey with us at the Pontificio Collegio Gallio, where learning becomes an exciting adventure, preparing students for real challenges in the ever-changing world.
Join us in building a better future through meaningful education!

Pontificio Collegio Gallio

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